Most Wanted


  I won't be smiling for long !There's nothing like being wanted, but here's a guy who has a disregard for life - his own.

Usama Bin Laden is likely to be either caught or killed for the many atrocities that he and his terrorist mob are responsible for.

This man suggests that he fights a 'holy' war - there's nothing holy about his 'war' except the hole he may one day find in his body from a passing bullet from someone who bears him a grudge (and there's at least 280 Million people who don't like him).

A very likely candidate to go 'down' instead of where he thinks he will go when he dies - probably sooner than later. I really cannot understand why he is smiling.

Some of his cohorts are featured on the pages to the left - hijackers and most wanted - they are pretty apt names for these guys, without the terror they wreak they are nothing. The only way to make anyone listen to their mutterings is by simply killing innocent human beings - maybe that is all their intelligence stretches to..... they do look slightly strange.

Funny thing about this whole section - all the participants are foreigners.... maybe it's just a pastime these people have, maybe it's boredom, who knows - I don't think they do.....


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