Robert Sanford - WB6NYC

Robert Sanford went about his life as he usually does. 11th September started off early for Robert - about 6.00 am, but who cares...... Robert is an Amateur radio enthusiast (as I am) and when he learned about the events unfolding in New York Robert was on the case immediately.

During the next few hours Robert recorded some of the most amazing audio that he had ever had to listen to - and probably some of the saddest content. Events on 11th September are known to most people on Earth, but when you actually listen to the audio recordings that Robert captured it WILL change your view of the whole thing known as Incident 0727.

Here's some info about Robert in his own words:

After some 20 years in New York City I have decided to "get the hell out of Dodge" and make the nice quiet town of Sausalito my new "home town". I was the Emergency Coordinator for ARES, the Radio Officer for RACES and the SKYWARN Coordinator for New York City.

I recently have taken on the position as Southern Marin Communications Leader for Marin RACES which falls under the jurisdiction of the Marin Sheriffs Department Office of Emergency Services. So far it has been a very pleasant experience and have found all of the Fire and Police departments out here very helpful and interested in Amateur Radio's role in disaster preparedness.

Here's a link to see Robert talking about the audio - Click HERE

Thank you once again Rob for your help by inclusion of your audio recordings - it was a great job done well.



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