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These pages are dedicated to all the Innocent people who lost their lives on the 9-11-2001 at the WTC, Pentagon and Aircraft.

When I was in Florida viewing those tragic scenes on the TV of the tragedy at the WTC and the other associated sites I knew that this was a momentous historic occasion that the world would never forget. The problem is that when the media talks about victim numbers it doesn't really sink in that these are real people, each with their own lives and dependents.

While building this web site I have stared in to the faces of at least 1200 innocent victims and I have to say that my view is now somewhat different than what it was. In these pages you can be as if you almost knew the victims personally - or at least some of them, there remains countless other victims of who I have no photo, but would dearly love to add them to this site as a mark of respect and remembrance.

Looking at these photos of the victims you too will see people from all walks of life, doing many different things either alone or, as many photos show, with their loved ones or close relatives. You will see some of the New York Fire Department employees, some of the New York Police and Port Authority employees as well as mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters - they all have one thing in common - they suffered at the hands of terrorists for no real reason.

This whole section of the site will be continually updated as time goes by, if you have lost a loved one I offer my sincerest condolences. If you want to place a picture in this section or update one of the ones I have on the site all you have to do is email me with information and a picture and I'll do the rest - absolutely free forever - just email and I'll do the rest.

Please do take the time to view the real people who lost their lives in this tragedy, maybe just maybe, then you too will view terrorism for what it really is.

Remember these victims - any one of them could have just as easily have been you. Terrorism is a sick way of imposing the terrorists twisted will upon you - never allow that to be.




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This website reflects a personal view of the tragedy that unfolded itself in front of my eyes while I was on vacation in Florida in The USA. I would like to give my sincerest condolences to all of the victims relatives. The victims were all completely innocent were unknown to the perpetrators and in many cases lost their lives - there is no higher quality from any individual than to give their life for others. All Copyrights Acknowledged. The contents of this site that are not others is strictly 2001. Tony McKenzie gains nothing financially whatsoever from this site.