Ground Zero


11th Sept 2001
Ground Zero
In Memoriam



FDNY gave the WTC site a name of their own - 'ground zero'. This was in fact a very apt name, the scene was as though a bomb had hit down on the City of New York and the devastation was total.

Many of the FDNY employees as well as others from the NYPD and other helping hands died trying to save lives during the evacuation of the towers, in fact over 200 Fire Fighters alone lost their lives or remain missing.

Think for a moment about these courageous people because but for a wink of an eye it could have been you.

These scenes look like something from a horror film, but were unfortunately what the rescue services found when they visited ground zero after the collapse of the twin towers.

The rubble from the collapse rained down upon everything in site and caused severe damage - in this shot is what remained of a FDNY Fire Tender and it's ladder.

As you see - total devastation.

Below are some typical shots of ground zero from many sources
all copyrights acknowledged - whoever you are.

There were many types of rubble for the rescue services to remove - firstly of course there was the masses of documents that came from the two towers when they collapsed.

The papers were strewn everywhere and lay right on top of the next layer - a thick gray dust that had been airborne at the time of the collapse, (you can see it as clouds coming from the tower area on many photos) but this dust also was still thick in the air and severely hindered rescue attempts in the very early stages.

Later, the dust remained a problem only second to the actual rubble from the towers. Many rescue vehicles on the scene were completely ruined  when the towers came down.

Check out the other featured photos on this site - there are some incredible photos - mainly collected from the internet to help document this disaster and very historical event. May they remind you what terrorism is all about.



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This website reflects a personal view of the tragedy that unfolded itself in front of my eyes while I was on vacation in Florida in The USA. I would like to give my sincerest condolences to all of the victims relatives. The victims were all completely innocent were unknown to the perpetrators and in many cases lost their lives - there is no higher quality from any individual than to give their life for others. All Copyrights Acknowledged. The contents of this site that are not others is strictly 2001. Tony McKenzie gains nothing financially whatsoever from this site.