General Damage


First Attacks
General Damage


  Following the collapse of the towers debris was strewn everywhere with thick dust in the air making it life threatening without breathing apparatus. Ordinary people trying to escape had to hope that they could escape before the debris and dust engulfed them - worse still, boulders fell from the towers as the towers collapsed, right down on to people below - many now known to be victims of the tragedy.

There are many more photos on the internet from sites that somehow glamorize the issue - either selling you this, or selling you that. I do not believe in any of those ideas and these images included here should be seen as what they are - an historic reference for those yet to come in to the world of a day when many left.

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This website reflects a personal view of the tragedy that unfolded itself in front of my eyes while I was on vacation in Florida in The USA. I would like to give my sincerest condolences to all of the victims relatives. The victims were all completely innocent were unknown to the perpetrators and in many cases lost their lives - there is no higher quality from any individual than to give their life for others. All Copyrights Acknowledged. The contents of this site that are not others is strictly 2001. Tony McKenzie gains nothing financially whatsoever from this site.