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When the WTC towers collapsed there was simply very little time for anyone to get out of either the towers or the area - over 200 FDNY employees perished as well as many NYPD employees. I was on vacation in Florida and had returned to the hotel because of the reports on the radio. I knew as I watched these events unfold that this was a very sad and historic event and that the world would never be the same again - either for myself, my family or in fact anyone else.

The images remain in my mind and do not get easier to view over time. I have said elsewhere on this site that it is easy to forget that when the news talks of 6000 victims that these are REAL people with families and dependents - god rest their souls, each and every one of them.

These are some photos taken by Eric Y Cheong who was at a vantage point with a camera in hand. Eric took the shots over just a short period of time and you can see how these towers collapsed and left debris all around with thick choking smoke at the scene - everything was covered with thick coatings of collapsed building which had disintegrated in to dust.

By this time anyone who had not evacuated and were still in the towers were likely no more.

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This website reflects a personal view of the tragedy that unfolded itself in front of my eyes while I was on vacation in Florida in The USA. I would like to give my sincerest condolences to all of the victims relatives. The victims were all completely innocent were unknown to the perpetrators and in many cases lost their lives - there is no higher quality from any individual than to give their life for others. All Copyrights Acknowledged. The contents of this site that are not others is strictly 2001. Tony McKenzie gains nothing financially whatsoever from this site.