President Bush decided on action against those responsible within a short period of time from the initial terrorist attacks on the WTC, Pentagon and Airplanes.

It did not take long for the US administration to learn that Usama Bin Laden was behind these attacks - he has been
responsible for USA attacks for some years murdering many US people so there is not much thought process involved and relatively simple to prove.

The Afghanistan leadership the 'Taliban' decided to harbor Bin Laden in their country - (Bin Laden was there already, hiding in the hills) this was a precursor to a  war against terrorism that will surely run and run. Bush contrived a substantial 'collaboration between nations' and has been able to hold this collaboration together for some time - let us all prey that he continues to do so and helps to resolve the issues in Afghanistan and the middle east so that peace can return in the region.

The USA is not a country to allow the evil acts of terrorism on the scale seen on 11th September 2001 to go without bringing the perpetrators to justice and while these actions have had civilian casualties, the war against terrorism IS being won.

The Anthrax scare is still with the USA as this site is being written and even the US government are finding the source of the Anthrax difficult to find. Is the Anthrax from within the USA - a terrorist team at work to undermine the economy more than what even the original attacks achieved, or was the Anthrax sent from another country through the mail. Either way the Anthrax problem might just be the start of other things to come  - everyone in the west should be very vigilant indeed.

Usama Bin Laden has recently announced (November 2001) that Muslims who are members of the UN are not following the Koran and cannot see the vision that Mohammad had regarding Muslims. The truth is that Bin Laden loves to try and attach the 'religion' wild card to the war against terrorism - in this way he thinks that he will bring all Muslims to war against the west and eventually destroy it. Fortunately within the Muslim world the vast majority are law abiding peace loving people who are not extremists like Bin Laden and his followers. There is a very substantial Muslim belief that the war against terrorism is EXACTLY that.

It is difficult to understand exactly what makes someone like Usama Bin Laden tick, given the number of people who he has to take responsibility for murdering. His family are very wealthy, and so is he - but there is never any reports on the news about his family denouncing this murderer.

Furthermore, Usama Bin Laden and the 'Taliban' make great commotion if an Afghanistan is accidentally injured in the war against terrorism, but are actually joyous about the murder of 6000 victims in the terrorist attacks in the USA - Usama Bin Laden tells Muslims to rejoice for  the killings in America - most moderate Muslims (and that IS the majority) do NOT support that view. I still cannot understand why Bin Laden always has a smile on his face - perhaps he's full of wind.

Here are a few shots just to keep in mind exactly what the Taliban Government have let themselves in for by harboring terrorists.

This is the Before shot and this is what's left
Again - this is the 'before' shot and here is the result

The truth is, if you harbor terrorists or if you are a terrorist there is little real difference - both support terror as a means to an end - ask the Afghanistan people - they have been under 'Taliban' rule for years - they are an oppressed population. Leave Bush to sort out the terrorists and supporters in the fastest and least painful way possible and the truth is simply that there is no other way. If the likes of Bin laden and his supporters are allowed to kill innocent people and get away with it then you would only be looking forward to the next atrocity that these murderers commit - and you could be one of the victims.

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This website reflects a personal view of the tragedy that unfolded itself in front of my eyes while I was on vacation in Florida in The USA. I would like to give my sincerest condolences to all of the victims relatives. The victims were all completely innocent were unknown to the perpetrators and in many cases lost their lives - there is no higher quality from any individual than to give their life for others. All Copyrights Acknowledged. The contents of this site that are not others is strictly 2001. Tony McKenzie gains nothing financially whatsoever from this site.